Hi, my name is Jimmy and let me tell you a little bit about myself. born and raised in Brooklyn NY my family would come to Staten Island every weekend to visit my grandparents who had lived there. My older brother and his friends would go in the back yard and pull out these big dirt bikes, and i would say to him " take me for a ride please" and after begging him what seemed to be hours, he eventually took me for a ride. I was so excited when i was on it, the speed the mud and ill never forget the 2cycle oil mixture smell that came from the exhaust. lol  he had planted the seed for me to get my own dirt bike. And so my dreams had came true, He had gotten me my own little dirt bike. it was a DS-50. So at age 6 i started riding and as i grew so did my bikes lol. Riding was within my blood I had always rode with safety in mind first. its been over 36 years now and im still riding and Racing on the track and i will never stop.