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LTR MOTORSPORTS motorcycle school, The best 1-on-1 learning in New York. Learn how to ride safe while having fun.

At L.T.R. Motorsports motorcycle school, we are serious about getting you to ride a motorcycle or ATV in the safest way possible. Each motorcycle lesson is tailored made to suite each individual need and executed in a safe effective and efficient manner.This school does not teach you how to ride in large groups and never in a parking lot. There are no written exams to take all our lessons are all hands on learning with your motorcycle. We are the only real motorcycle school on Staten island and hope to expand and as we do so will more job opportunities in our company. at LTR motorsports motorcycle school have a professional and friendly staff and knowledgeable motorcycle instructors. At our motorcycle school you will be taught all safety techniques right on the streets which is why you are getting a motorcycle license .We can prepare you for real time riding in the streets with a DMV certified Instructors and provide 1 on 1 learning so u have the best understanding of what you are doing. Your own private rider coach will be with you every step of the way. Our private motorcycle lessons consist of familiarizing students with motorcycle controls , going through the gears and their smooth control as well as starting and stopping. At our motorcycle school also provide DMV prep to prepare you for your road test and offer a unique experience called Real TIme Riding. We are the best safety motorcycle school in NY , come learn from a NYS certified DMV licensed Instructor.

1) ( PRIVATE LESSONS ) in this motorcycle lesson this class is taught in a "no pressure", controlled area. It is a hands-on course with an emphasis on skill development. The school begins with the basics proper fitting of safety equipment, sitting on the motorcycle, learning how to operate the controls and straight line riding with correct form.

We offer lots of patience and as much one on one coaching as possible. As you progress in your skill level, new lessons are introduced allowing you to understand just what it takes to handle turns, sharp turns, figure eights while coordinating between the friction zone and throttle and learning how to apply both breaks in everyday riding. While you are on the motorcycle your instructor will be right next to you and as the instructor is next to you, they will be watching your every move. As your instructor is coaching you they will make sure your assessed and any mistakes made will be corrected .During all practices and exercises we will be encouraging you all the way.

2) ( DMV-PREP ) after you have completed your private motorcycle lesson   or lessons depending on your skill level we will now prepare you for your road test. The DMV road test consists of two hours of training where you will learn the proper techniques to pass your road test. We will cover all of the importance of all the safety that is required from the State consisting of all traffic signs,crosswalks,lane positions,traffic lights,all turning,figure eights,body positions,speed control and how to approach intersections and maneuvers.

3) ( ROAD TEST ) We schedule all road test dates. At the day of your road test we will meet you at the location and we will  provide all equipment such as motorcycle, helmets, safety gear, and your instructor. 

4) ( REAL TIME RIDING ) this is a unique experience offered by LTR where the instructor and the student are riding side by side wearing a blue tooth device in the helmets for communication as well as wearing bright yellow safety vest which states "STUDENT RIDER" written on the back of the vest. This is the most effective learning tools that we offer. This is to get the student a custom to riding on the streets in and out of the flow of traffic while dealing with all other vehicles. While riding in the streets the student will learn all the safety and regulations of the road to better help new motorcyclists adapt to the streets to ride safe and efficient.

5) ( We also teach Advanced Riding ) We teach you how to corning, high speed, controlling, Throttle control, steering, vision, braking, traction, Real Solutions in everyday riding. and much more.

* Note this is only for riders who have been evaluated by an Instructor to get to stage the rider coach must sign a progress sheet stating that the student is ready for this level;