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rated #1 best Driving and motorcycle School In Staten Island

ltr motorsports

LTR Motorsports motorcycle and driving school, The best 1-on-1 learning in New York. Learn how to ride and drive safely while having fun.

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We choose to work 1-on-1 with our students so this way there is no pressure. we make sure that we teach the importance of safety when driving on the streets.

driving lessons

35 min driving assessment

5 hour pre-licensing course through zoom.

1-on-1 driving lessons

highway driving lessons

Motorcycle LEssons

1-On-1 Private Lessons

1 Hour Lessons

5 Hours DMV-Preps

Real-Time Riding

NYPD - PreTraining (HWY Patrol)

Pre-Training Course Is For Motorcycles Only

We Set Up A Course With Cones

Build Up Your Skills

You To Do The Maneuvers

Police Officers Get 10% With ID.

LTR Motorsports MOTORCYCLE SECTION and what we offer.

The best 1-on-1 Motorcycle Course In New York.
Learn how to ride safely while having fun.

At L.T.R. Motorsports Motorcycle and driving School, we are serious about getting you to ride a Motorcycle and Drive a car the safest way possible.

For motorcycle students each motorcycle lesson is tailor-made to suit each individual and executed in a safe, effective, and efficient manner. This school does not teach you in a big large groups and never in a parking lot.

  • All private lessons are done 1-on-1

  • 1 hour private riding assessment

  • After assessment we pick out a package that best suits you

  • 5 hour DMV-PREP class after package is completed.

  • We schedule your DMV Road Test 

  • We also offer 

  • Real time riding 

  • Advanced riding

  • Braking and clutch control

  • Cone maneuvers

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  • After assessment we pick a package that best suits you.

  • 1-on-1 1 hour driving lesson

  • pre-road testing

  • 5 hour pre-licensing course done through zoom

  • we scheduled your road test

  • we come to you

  • we also offer

  • night driving

  • main street driving

  • highway driving

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Meet The Owner

Hi, my name is Jimmy.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY my family would come to Staten Island every weekend to visit my grandparents.


My older brother and his friends would go in the backyard and pull out these big dirt bikes, and I would say to him "Take me for a ride please!" after begging him for what seemed to be hours, he eventually took me for a ride. I was so excited when I was on it, the speed, the mud. I’ll never forget the 2cycle oil mixture smell that came from the exhaust. He had planted the seed for me to get my own dirt bike.


When he had gotten me my own little dirt bike, my dream came true. It was a DS-50. So, at age 6, I started riding and as I grew so did my bikes lol. Riding was within my blood I had always ridden with safety in mind first. It’s been over 36 years now and I’m still riding and racing on the track and I will never stop.


In 1998-1999 I went to AMA Racing School in California and that's when I learned the most about how to achieve every skill in motorcycling. I went Semi-pro for Kawasaki for 2 1/2 years, then raced for Honda.



I left the track life and wanted to teach people how to ride, so, in 2012 I went to get certified for MSF and within the same year went to get DMV certified.  After that, I opened my own school and LTR Motorsports was born. I am certified in Drivers ED, CDL, Boating, Jet-Ski, ATV, and Dirt Biking.


10% off Highway
Patrol Courses

For all NYPD Police Officers. must show your ID.



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LTR Motorsports Reviews

LTR Motorsports and Driving School has more than 150 5-Star Reviews on Google!


Truly the best driving school on the island. Jimmy was a fantastic coach, a genuinely good guy who strives to watch you succeed. His teachings aren't just for the road test but also for real-world scenarios.


Just passed my driving test thanks to Jimmy!!! Really impressed with the LTR Driving School’s system. I was lucky enough to have Jimmy as my instructor, he was so pleasant and knowledgeable about all things driving/cars/tips & tricks to park, etc.


This is the second driving school I had to go to and they are absolutely amazing.  The staff is knowledgeable and friendly.  They teach in a manner where everyone is on the same page and you learn the in/outs of driving. The owners are absolutely...

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Address: Our office location

5488 Amboy Rd, Staten Island, NY, 10312



35 Delwit Ave, Staten Island, NY, 10306

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